Gray Sash Form, Emei Shan Breathing Set

Long before Shaolin exercises took on a martial art inclination, Shaolin Monks practiced a form of Yoga and Tai Chi called the 18 Hands of Lohan. This was a set of movement and stretching exercises that focused on the '6 Harmonies'. As this form was lost some 14 centuries ago, the Shaolin Academy's Emei Shan Breathing Set honors this first step of strong focus on the 6 Harmonies. And these also give you the instruction what is first to focus on and what is last.

Six Harmonies
  1. Spirit and Intent; when in Harmony lead to a Clear Direction and Focus.
  2. Intent and Chi/Breath; when in Harmony give Focus Power and Force.
  3. Chi/Breath and Movement; when in Harmony allow the Power and Force to be projected.
  4. Hips ↔ Shoulders; when in Harmony balance Earth and Heaven Chi and distribute the internal force.
  5. Knees ↔ Elbows; when in Harmony amplify and direct the force.
  6. Feet ↔ Hands; when in harmony provide the foundation and delivery of power and force.

Yet, when learning the form you may need to start the other way around. First have your feet right, then your knees, hips together with your shoulders. Now align you Elbows with you knees and finally hands with your feet. When these are harmonizing now is the time for your movements to take on meaning by Harmonizing Movement with Breath, then with intent and finally with your Spirit. This order will ensure that what may seem like a complex task is broken down into manageable bits. Success through determination and process.

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