Orange Sash, Level 4 Form, Wudang Hammer

Shaolin Kung Fu went through 5 phases to reach the Animal Kung Fu, considered the pinnacle of Chinese Martial Arts. So do the 5 levels to Red Sash mimic this development? In Level 1 we emulate the original Breathing and Yoga style exercises that started Shaolin Kung Fu. After the 1st burning of Shaolin, the monks decided they needed to manage their own safety and developed a very hard and strong kung fu; we mimic this with the Kwantung 2nd level. As they were Buddhists the hard style was too violent so they softened and improved it to be more suited; again we seek to follow this development into the higher, quicker art of Fukien Fast Fist. In the 4th Level we acknowledge the Shaolin style as it was just before it morphed into the 5 Animals.

The Wudang Hammer Form is a blend between the Fast Fist Style and the advanced aspect of the Hard Style, commonly know as Long Fist. Although we do not get into the detail of the Long Fist yet, we need to acknowledge this 4 stage development of the Shaolin Style which leads into the 5 Animal Form that we will learn in the next level. Without this development, it may be impossible to understand the kung fu aspect of Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu.

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