Green Sash, Level 5 Form, 1st Shaolin 5 Animal

It took Shaolin almost 100 years to develop the 5 Animal System. Initially, it was recorded that there may have been as many as 100 different Animal Styles in the Temple. Seeing that many of the styles consisted of only some basic kung fu and one or two specialist applications, the Shaolin realized that it is not the Animal Style so much as the Animal Being that is important. All these different styles were distilled into the 4 plus 1.

Each of the Animal Frames I performed twice; once one way and then the mirror image. This is the way of helping ensure that you develop both sides of your body and being. It is suggested you learn each Animal Frame separately and completely before you commence on the next. Work on grasping the essence of each Animal Aspect and do not seek to blend them together into one homogenous set of moves.

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