Red Sash, Level 6 Form, Shaolin Tiger Kung Fu

It is always a great pain when members learn this form and do not understand that the Tiger is a part of the 5 Animal System but at the same time a unique and well defined stand-alone style, almost! And that is the key. The Shaolin Tiger is not a stand-alone style. It has no blocking, it relies on Strength and Power and it's main strategy is attack now! Yes, there are a lot of martial art styles that subscribe to this simplistic view and it is often a simple solution to a complex or threatening problem; just fix it. And that is what you need to immerse yourself in when trying to master this form. The immediacy and and power of the Shaolin Tiger Style.

  1. Animal Kung Fu Introduction and
  2. Animal Kung Fu Personality Styles and
  3. Tiger Kung Fu before you commence learning this form.

And we strongly recommend that you are also accredited on the First Shaolin 5 Animal Form before you attempt this form! Once you have been accredited for First Shaolin 5 Animal Form you will not need to re-grade it for the other Animal style or the Advanced Shaolin 5 Animal Form. This will also prepare you for the other Animal Styles and help with the correct execution of the form; but more importantly to also draw on the fullness of what the Shaolin 5 Animal Style can teach and give you!

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Shaolin Hunting Tiger Form Accreditation

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