Blue Sash, Level 8 Form, Shaolin Crane Kung Fu

A Big Cat, a smaller Big Cat, a Bird and a Reptile; why did the Shaolin choose such an odd arrangement for the Animal Style System. It seems the explanation eludes many kung fu stylists but there is a very good reason for this combination, one that speaks volumes of information for those who spend the time and effort understanding.

Again, we suggest that you review the two 5 Animal Pages, this time with a particular view on understanding the spirit and thinking of the Panther/Leopard Kung Fu style and person.

  • Animal Kung Fu Introduction and
  • Animal Kung Fu Personality Styles and
  • Crane Kung Fu before you commence learning this form.

  • And we strongly recommend that you are also accredited on the First Shaolin 5 Animal Form before you attempt this form! Once you have been accredited for First Shaolin 5 Animal Form you will not need to re-grade it for the other Animal style or the Advanced Shaolin 5 Animal Form. This will also prepare you for the other Animal Styles and help with the correct execution of the form; but more importantly to also draw on the fullness of what the Shaolin 5 Animal Style can teach and give you!

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