Brown Sash, Level 10 Form, Shaolin Greater 5 Animal Kung Fu

This is the final level before Black Sash. 5 levels of Shaolin Kung Fu and 5 Animal Kung Fu levels have all lead to the culmination of this level. And the quintessential aspect is the Greater 5 Animal Form. It will be difficult and a bit complex.

There are several parts to this form aside from the different frames. As part of the challenge is to identify which part of the form is which; which is Tiger, which is Crane, Panther and Snake and which part is all or maybe even none. This is the final challenge for your 5 Animal Kung Fu Black Sash and it is not meant to be easy. Learn the form, identify the aspects and make the form yours.

And we strongly recommend that you are also accredited on the First Shaolin 5 Animal Form before you attempt this form! Once you have been accredited for First Shaolin 5 Animal Form you will not need to re-grade it for the other Animal style or the Advanced Shaolin 5 Animal Form. This will also prepare you for the other Animal Styles and help with the correct execution of the form; but more importantly to also draw on the fullness of what the Shaolin 5 Animal Style can teach and give you!

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Greater 5 Animal Form Accreditation

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