Advanced Level Form, Cannon Fist

Cannon Fist is an unusual style and best suited for large persons with the ability to explode but who do not have a lot of stamina. it relies on three guiding principles;

Attack the Strong, Disrupt the Foundation and Test the Weak Points.

In order to do this five engagement tactics are used during an encounter whilst maintaining a very strong defensive guard and not using a lot of energy; remember this is a strong and explosive style so you need to have a slow almost lumbering way about you before you explode into action.

  1. Test the Weak Points - bide your time and do not rush into things; identify possible weak points and see if the attacker is aware of them by testing these. If their guard is a bit open make a short foray. If they are a hopping-jumpy stile jam them. Simply test the waters but do so as to show that you are looking for the weak point.
  2. Identify the Strongest Point - In reality you want to identify the strongest point of the attacker, the point they feel is their best and strongest. If they are a Boxing Based person you will need to go through the hands when they initiate an attack; if they are kicking oriented, again, when the launch a committed attack that is when you finish it.
  3. Disrupt the Center - Do not allow your attacker to feel comfortable with their guard. Whenever they are close attack the guard; without actually committing to a solution. Actions such as slamming and jamming.
  4. Upset the Foundation - Attacking the legs whilst maintaining a strong presence with the upper body using a strong Shield Strategy; again using slamming and jamming but also just simply stepping on their toes.
  5. Over the Top - Attack over the guard or over the attack. Just simply use your weight to pull either down and counter over the top. Remember, this style is not for the enduring but for the strong, so you wait for the right opportunity to do this and until then you bide your time and defend.

To perform this form correctly, interchange slow movements with very rapid attacks when moving forward and always take a breather. Remember, this is an explosive form. For more information, detail and Strategy on the Cannon Fist go to the Cannon Fist full information form by using the afore listed link.

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