Advanced Level Form, Raptor Crane

The Shaolin Raptor Crane Form represents the more active aspect of the Crane. Although Cranes are not an attacking or even aggressive (no Shaolin style is aggressive) style the Shaolin Crane also uses attack as part of it's way of dealing with aggression. You say, how can this be that the peaceful Crane attacks or even how possibly could a Crane attack, say, a Tiger? Well, defending dose not mean not attacking, it means your focus is on defence and safety not on domination and winning. Actually the Shaolin Crane focuses on 'Not Loosing'. How you ask? Well have a look at this video.

What you are watching is a hapless Crane that landed in a Chinese zoo in the 5 Tiger enclosure. As there is not enough space for the Cranes need for runway, it was trapped for 10 minutes and had to defend against 3 Tigers, who fortunately were well fed. Non-the-less, here we see a greatly out matched Crane 'managing' 3 Tigers and living the to tell the tale. This actually excellently represents the Shaolin Crane Style, non-aggressive, made to manage overwhelming odds. Want to know more about the Shaolin Crane? (SSL secured site link!)

And we strongly recommend that you are also accredited on the First Shaolin 5 Animal Form before you attempt this form! Once you have been accredited for First Shaolin 5 Animal Form you will not need to re-grade it for the other Animal style or the Advanced Shaolin 5 Animal Form. This will also prepare you for the other Animal Styles and help with the correct execution of the form; but more importantly to also draw on the fullness of what the Shaolin 5 Animal Style can teach and give you!

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