Advanced Level Form, Cripple Hand Form

There have always been soldiers and citizens with disabilities. Especially after so called 'Great Wars', those who did not die often came with some form of disability or problem. It is then no surprise that sooner or later someone would develop a Cripple Kung Fu skills and put these into a form for training. The Crippled Hand Kung Fu Form has you only using one-hand for your defence; it can be either left or right, no matter. The important bit is that you have two legs and mobility and only one hand to defend and counter!

How does it relate to today? Well we still have wars all over the place, oppression and mutilation. It would seem very unjust not to have a style for those persons who already have been hit by hardship. It is up to the Master Teacher to have be ready with solutions for special needs persons and the Shaolin Academy is thankful that we have had the opportunity to work with Blind, Epileptic, Narcaleptic, Bi-polar, Dyslexic, Cerebral Palsy, Deaf, Amputees, Kreuzberg Jakob and many other life challenged members. Although it is always a bit of a challenge for the teacher, often the teacher becomes the pupil when approaches with these challenges and grows. This keeps the Journey of Martial Arts active!

So, starting with the Wudang Cripple (Hand) Kung Fu Form, this is the first and easiest of the Cripple Form Styles. If you wish to know more about the Wudang Style, follow this SSL secured link

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