Advanced Level Form, Double Starr

This is a unique and unusual form. Rooted in the Fukien Fast Fist style it is a 2 person synchronized form. The name comes from the fact that you move around each other in a Star Pattern whereby when you have reached half way you do the movement your partner was doing and they do your movements.

You both start with the 3 Step Bow and the 1st few movements (Frame 1); whereby the one person (East) turns against the other (west) and attacks them (Frame 2 & the Counter Frame 6). As you progress, you mirror each others movements according to the Compass Directions. Calling the direction you started with North, after the initial technique interchange the two Athletes move respectively; East to North-East and West to South-West; next the North-East moves to North and the South-West moves to South. Obviously North now moves to North-West and South to South-East until they have swapped positions and now the Athlete who was East is West and the Athlete who was West is now East. And the form continues, each now doing the others moves.

Problems grasping the concept? Well here is a simple guide; each direction has it's specific frame no matter who is doing it. So Frame one is the same for both; Frame 2 is always frame 2 no matter who is performing it. Questions? Excellent!

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