Advanced Animal Kung Fu Form, Fire Eagle

What if you have the attitude and spirit of the tiger but the physique of a Crane? Well you could become and aggressive Crane but that is very difficult as a style or you could become an Eagle Stylist. The attitude and skills of a Tiger but with a hit-and-retreat style of a predatory bird. That is what Shaolin Eagle Kung Fu is all about, small Tiger not being a Panther. It is though part of the Panther System as it employ's strategies such as the Hit-Retreat as well as Harassing and Picking. Where as the Tiger is a simple style, In, Win, Rest.

Developed as a Black Sash form over a period of 2 years by Sifu Sarah, this for mis great for direct action martial artists who wish to go up against larger opponents with a good chance of winning. the movements are much more high, low as in a combination of Panther and Crane but with the direct action style of the Tiger. Even though meant to be for smaller people, the style still relies on strength and sheer will and attitude of no surrender but quick retreat.

And we strongly recommend that you are also accredited on the First Shaolin 5 Animal Form before you attempt this form! Once you have been accredited for First Shaolin 5 Animal Form you will not need to re-grade it for the other Animal style or the Advanced Shaolin 5 Animal Form. This will also prepare you for the other Animal Styles and help with the correct execution of the form; but more importantly to also draw on the fullness of what the Shaolin 5 Animal Style can teach and give you!

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