Advanced Level Form, Iron Mind, Steel Body

Every traditional style has a way of preparing the body and mind for pain. It is in the nature of Shaolin to be able to tolerate pain better than most others as it is in the nature of Shaolin to be tough and not always need to hurt their attacker. It is often a greater deterrent to conflict if you can take a solid attack and that it seems to make no difference to you.

Iron Mind, Steel Body form is just the 1st step to achieving a stronger, tougher Mind and Body. Breathing exercises and a 1000 day program of toughening are part of this, but only after you have learned this form, correctly and then the associated 5 step breathing.

For more, much more information on the Iron Body, Steel Mind, go to our main page @ (SSL secured page). Also, we recommend that you allso seek accreditation for the form before you comence any serious training in this style.

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