Shaolin Temple Form

In 2001, in our 9th year of operations, members of the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy went on a pilgrimage to China, specifically, Henan, Shaolin. Along the way we were able to visit and exchange kung fu at several schools in Xian and Beijing. It is though at Shaolin that we stayed much longer and trained at the Shaolin Temple training School under the instruction of their Chief Kung Fu Master.

We had the opportunity as the first and possibly only foreign group, to put on an impromptu show inside the actual Shaolin Temple. Aside from a number of Shaolin Academy forms, Sifu Chris demonstrated the Shaolin Temple Form that the Shaolin Temple training School Chief Master gifted us.

In this recording you will see Sifu Chris performing but also Sihing Daniel, the only other person who ever correctly performed the form aside from the group that went to China in 2001.

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