Advanced Animal Kung Fu Form, Six Harmonies

The Six Harmonies are an old form of understanding what needs to coordinate or harmonize with what to have your body and mind moving together as one. That is why there are the three internal and the three external harmonies. Although the Six Harmonies seem like an obtuse way of describing efficient and effective movement, there is far more in the message than meets the eye. But you should have an idea of these as you were introduced to them in the Shaolin Academy's No1 Form, Emei Shan. But, just to-be-sure, to-be-sure;

    Six Harmonies

    Before you work on the internal harmonies, you need to have the external Harmonies in proper order and place;

    1. Feet ↔ Hands; are the first and the connected to Earth (Power) and Sky (Balance).
    2. Knees ↔ Elbows; protect and project the movement and form.
    3. Hips ↔ Shoulders; amplify and increase the power and elegance.
    4. Movement ↔ Chi/breath; when is Harmony Synergise and create a greater whole.
    5. Chi/Breath ↔ Intent; is what gives meaning and direction.
    6. Intent ↔ Spirit; when aligned leads to Understanding and Enlightenment.

    The main aim of this form is to seek the harmony of the 6 Aspects. Thus the form should be learned slowly and deliberately; even as if training in water. As it is suggested the the style originally may have been the famed Water Fist which also contained the 8 methods;

    1. Concentrate the Shen, spirit, to move the Chi, breath.
    2. Draw strength into the bones from the Earth as you draw strength into the flesh from the heavens.
    3. Flow and move like Nature and Animal, Wind and Water.
    4. Understand and the opponent's movements.
    5. Occupy the high ground, understand the low ground.
    6. As your body moves your Spirit is quiet and empty.
    7. Conceal your intent whilst seeking weakness.
    8. Seek not to harm, seek to manager or control.

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