Advanced Level Long and Short Fist Form, Sun and Moon

The classical ways of describing neo-traditional kung fu was to call is Northern or Southern and Long Fist or Short Fist. To appreciate though what it is to be a Long Fist and a Short Fist you need to learn both styles as the principles of each is vastly different.

The Sun and Moon form seeks to find a balance between the Rapid Punching and Quick Striking Short or Fast Fist and the Long Swinging and Powerful Long Fist. The interchange between the two and the almost opposing principles is the Sun and Moon Form, the high Stances of the Fast Fist techniques interchange with the low Strong Stances of the Long Fist to allow the practitioner to really feel both styles and understand where they are similar and where vastly different. (Please note this is the only recording of the form from 1997 and only the Fast Fist segments survived.

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