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Shaolin Martial Arts training at home!

Information how you can learn Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, on-line, at home!

Welcome to the Cyber Kung Fu Program Information Page

Hi, I am Sijo Robert Z, Master of the Shaolin Academy and the main presenter and guide throughout the Cyber Kung Fu program!

The picture above left is the first batch of 50 Cyber Kung Fu VHS cassettes to be made in 1994. The program was based on an identical principle that i was using for delivering Training and product Updates for Communications Engineers who could not come to normal training locations because or remote training locations and unusual work hours. It proved to be a great program especially for the dynamic work places we have where you can be working almost any hours, on any days and in many different locations. This being able to train in the Hotel Gym, Outback Pub or country B&B whilst on their way to a job or job location was a great boon.

These same reason and principles were applied to the Cyber Program. With diverse working hours, the need for mobility in the job and sometimes the inability to commit to regular training times makes it very difficult to have a consistent and flexible training and learning regime. But it is not for everyone. For those who are just after the Fitness training, this is not the program. We teach Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and one you have learned and graded the techniques than you can use it for what you need; fitness, self defence, regular activity, what-ever.

The Cyber Kung Fu Program teaches you the skills and knowledge of Traditional Kung Fu.
It is not a ra-ra hu-ha fitness program but a proper education in the advanced form of Shaolin Kung Fu

Just to the right (or so) is a 6 minute recording introducing the Cyber Kung Fu program. The recording is a bit dated and it will be some time before it is up-dated, but it will give you a good idea of what the program is like. After this you may want to go to our Kung Fu Library Page and have a detailed look at the 10 levels to Black Sash, what there is and how it is presented. Just click on any of the Tiles to open a sub-page with an appropriate recording. As mentioned though, we are updating our program and much is not yet activated. But the first level Gray Sash is complete and that is the level you start with!

But the proof is in the trying and in the results. We have a number of members feedback over the years so have a quick look at one or two of these to see what they say and how they say it. It should give you a different input the the nature and quality of the Cyber Program. This is just below and that is enough from me. Thank you for taking the time to read, listen and watch so far and hope to see you as a Cyber or Kwoon member soon. Any questions, write to me!

Sijo Robert Z

Sample Feedback and Communication with Cyber Members

Other Feedback Examples

Hello Master Z,

It's been a while since I wrote to you and let you know how I was going with my white sash Cyber Kung Fu. You'll be happy to know that while it has been slow going it is still going. Even thought I had reviewed the materials a number of times I found that I was losing too much of my form and technique when I started to follow the training video. So now I am just following the learning video until it becomes rock solid.

I have a few questions, I noticed on the video's that after a form or move is performed, your students exhale with a sound, I know that in sport exhaling with sound or a word helps to focus and expel energy, what I was wondering is if this is what your students are doing, and what is the word/sound that they are making? Also if you could properly explain to me when you would use the formal greeting and what is the proper way to do it? I have seen it used in the video's but I would just like to know more about it.

I think that is about it, I will have a photo of me soon, so that way you can see who I am, and hopefully feel a bit more personal. Just so you know I will give you a brief description about me attached to the photo, in my next email to you. Thanks again for providing people like me the opportunity to learn kung-fu, I am very gratefully. Yours in learning

You will never ever know, unless you give it a go!

Reasons where the Cyber Program is Superior to other Ways of Learning Martial Arts

Traveling; has become quite normal in many professions. Hotel room to hotel room, weeks away on site, on a rig or even traveling on the road in a truck. No matter what the travel is, if you can have a tablet or lap top, all the material can be downloaded and available even if the internet is not! Just remember the times you were bored sitting around somewhere possibly even in a bar thinking that you could put the time to good use and work on your health and fitness!

Performance Art is something that many people dabble with. From extras to minor roles, hero jobs and even stunt work; martial art training has become an essential aspect of many movies, theater and shows. Especially such a practical and diverse style as Shaolin Kung Fu and traditional Chinese Weaponry with it's unique feel and exceedingly wide variety goes well beyond the usual 'hit-them-in-the-face styles and allows artistic expression and individuality whilst maintaining a real function and believability. From far fetched wire work of Chinese Cinema and Hollywood films such as the Matrix to real fighting action and skills like Jacky Chan.

Cross Training; is a great way to enhance your abilities, increase your skills as well as understanding your own current style of martial art. We have had many martial artists commenting that having a look at their own style from the outside gave them a greater understanding of what they were doing.

Remote Location; being in the middle of nowhere, far north Queensland or Quebec, central US or Hawaii Islands you may not find a good quality traditional and safe Kung Fu school. Although martial arts is one of the top 5 sports in the world, usually you just find the McDonald's corner martial art studio in your area. For quick get fit, they are usually good but for detailed quality of martial art and the important "Why is it so?", these schools are just not right.

When ever - What Ever. With the Cyber program you train what you need, when you need and can. So, if you need to spend some extra time getting that kick right, no problem, you are the master of the program and you make it work for you.

21st century Hours?; Weekend work, shift work, part-time, early morning, late evenings, etc.. Not easy to find a martial art school that will fit around your hours that is not a McDonald's martial art..

Uniqueness of the Shaolin Style; more for the exercise, the flow not the punch, the movement not the contact. All easy with the Cyber Program. You train what you want and we give you feedback on what you need! We have possibly the widest range of Kung Fu and weaponry forms available currently on the WEB. You see our complete availability listing after the Indemnity Information further down the page!

There are many more reasons for training with the Cyber Program and one final reason is that we have been around for over 20 years and we intend to be around for another 20 years, at least!

What you need to train at home!

365/6 Days of Support by
Kung Fu Master Robert Z

One Year reoccurring Subscription
to the Cyber Program
No Limitations.

Minimum Training Area - 4sqm / 50sqf. Much like a small dance floor, a clear space where you can swing your arms a bit and kick without something being hurt or damaged. Many of our members use the living room when they have a wall mounted set, some have spare bed rooms and some have even set up whole garages and rumpus rooms for their training. We have received members recordings from Snow Covered back years, beaches, farms and ranches, and even balconies. As long as you have a bit of space and a screen to refer to when you needed it, no problems.

If you have a dedicated area set-up for training and meditation. You are more likely to use it than if you have to clear an area or wait for good weather. Some members like using training aids and store or mount them in these areas (where possible and not traveling). These are not essential but often help with the motivation an interest. Wall mounted fist/palm impact pad with impact mitts, mirror for visual feedback on your moves and posture. or you can simply connect a camera to your TV and use that like a mirror (if it has a flip function).

If you are not sure what is best for you, contact Sijo and talk about options, ideas and possibilities. Everybody get's stuck and at some point demotivate and once this happens it is difficult to restart. Sijo Robert Z has been helping Cyber students with their training since the program started in 1996. He has helped many Cyber Members get over the problems and continue to successful completions and advancement in to the next level. For this we ask a small yearly contribution of USD29/y and that is for the whole year. This is a reoccurring payment that you can cancel with PayPal anytime, no hassles and no regrets. Just click on the Subscribe button below and become a member. We will contact you as soon as PayPal clears the funds.

You become wise by learning from your mistakes . . . but you are wise if you learn from other peoples mistakes!

You have Martial Art Experience!

Excellent! Good martial arts will have many things in common. Although Shaolin is a traditional martial art with a lot of detail, all you need to do is note the small differences and incorporate that into your practice. As you know, in the detail is the devil!

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